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How to track sales insights for any Shopify store with SimplyTrends

Nov 17, 2022 · 1 min read

SimplyTrends' innovative Sales Tracking reveals accurate product sales insights for any Shopify store of your interest**.

We have no doubt that you will find some absolute winners and enjoy learning more about your competitors. It will easily make you millions. You can start your Sales Tracking journey with us from the Sales Tracking page.

Who can use Sales Tracking

Sales Tracking is accessible all SimplyTrends users. You'll need to purchase "sales tracking stores" to start tracking sales of any Shopify store.

Note that one "sales tracking store" lets you track sales of one Shopify store for one month. Learn more about it on the Pricing page.

How to use Sales Tracking

  1. Go to Sales Tracking, enter the Shopify store domain you'd like to track sales, and click the search button.

  2. Then click "Track sales" button to continue.

  3. The sales data will start to be collected immediately in the background, and the sales data will be displayed within 24 hours on Sales Tracking page.

If you have any questions, simply shoot us an email at

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SimplyTrends FAQ

SimplyTrends is a toolkit for Shopify and dropshipping business at every scale.

You can discover, spy and track any Shopify store, find real-time winning ads, find suppliers with image search, and there are just so much more. Explore all features in SimplyTrends

In SimplyTrends, everything is intuitive. Start to find, track and monitor your competitors in just 3 steps.

Sure thing! We gather real-time profitable winning ads while you can also search for keyword-related winning ads.

We've also visualized active ads over time on a graph so that you can anticipate the trend beforehand, and recognize whether it's a winning product. Try it now.

Of course, and it's FREE FOREVER!

SimplyTrends is a great combination and upgrade of all Shopify related Chrome extensions. Spy on any Shopify stores with store-level and product-level insights, and scrape products in bulk from Shopify-powered stores instantly with a few clicks.

It also runs on AliExpress page for scraping digitals at the best quality, and capture ads on any Facebook page you are browsing at the moment. Pin it to your browser now.

We analyze millions of searches, conversations and mentions across the Internet to ensure our data are accurate. But some data are estimated, for example, the revenue of a store.

We have a dedicated support team available for all your questions and needs. If you need anything, simply shoot us an email at


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