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How to Increase Online Sales by Marketing for Only One Hour a Day

Aug 03, 2022 · 15 min read

This post will show you how to increase online sales on your Shopify store in just one hour per day by utilizing the best marketing techniques. Do you want to increase online sales for your e-commerce business? Marketing can seem like a daunting task for online store owners who also have to manage other responsibilities like a full-time job or raising children.

Search Engine Marketing

Direct traffic, which includes all sources of traffic to a website that cannot be linked to a particular search, social, or referring website, is one of the top sources of traffic for top online retailers like Amazon, Apple, Home Depot, Walmart, and Target, according to SEMrush. Direct traffic includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Visitors who come to your website by typing the website URL in their browser’s address bar.

  2. Visitors who browse your website using a browser that doesn’t allow analytics tracking.

  3. Visitors who browse your website using a browser within a mobile app.

Your website will eventually receive direct traffic if you use any online marketing strategy, including search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, etc.

Top online retailers and e-commerce brands like BH Photo, NewEgg, Hayneedle, Musician's Friend, and rely on search traffic, which includes users who find your website on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. Or what you can gasp the information on the SimplyTrends. Surf it and it will show you the real-time traffic data of top online retails.

If you haven't considered search marketing for your e-commerce store, here's how to optimize your e-commerce store for search in one hour a day. Search engine marketing is the art of gaining organic (non-paid) visibility and traffic from search engines.

One Hour Keyword Research

For instance, Ubersuggest would suggest the following items if your online store sells power tools. Using free tools like Ubersuggest, which let you enter a keyword and get the top suggestions based on search volume, is the quickest way to find the best keywords for your ecommerce store.

You will need these recommendations for the majority of the upcoming marketing-related tasks, so export them to CSV (spreadsheet).

One Hour On-Site Optimization

Use one or two of the most pertinent and well-liked keyword phrases in the locations listed below to make your website's individual pages search engine-friendly.

  1. The SEO title of the page.

  2. The URL of the page.

  3. The content on the page.

  4. An image filename and ALT text on the page.

Depending on how many products you sell, on-site optimization may take a day or a couple of days. You can make changes to SEO-specific fields and elements on each page of your e-commerce store using free and paid SEO tools.

One Hour Content Creation

Once the existing pages on your website have been optimized for particular keywords, you can target new keywords by developing content for your website that corresponds to the keywords. For instance, you can target the keyword "power tools" on product pages, category pages, and educational content about power tools such as new product announcements, how-to videos, top ten lists, and similar.

Over 53% of B2C marketers use content marketing to boost sales, and 63% of these B2C marketers believe it has been successful in doing so.You can dedicate one day or hour per week or month to creating new content that is optimized to promote your best products using trending keyword phrases. Through websites like Fiverr or by making connections with authors who specialize in your niche, you can also spend money outsourcing your content creation to a freelance writer.

Social Media Marketing

It's challenging to convince your closest friends and family to use Facebook Messenger, Facetime, or Snapchat, and for eCommerce store owners with limited time, the number of social media platforms and features within each platform can be overwhelming. But once more, if you concentrate on one task at a time, it need not be.

One Hour Learning Your Competitors on Social media marketing

In nearly any business, competitive learning is generally the best way to get started. Just as your peers pick up knowledge from people with experience, copying their effective marketing techniques may help you avoid taking a few years off the road. There must be a cause for why your rivals are able to dominate the market.

You can use social media in one of two ways: either you start with the platform that best suits your products and target audience, or you start with the most popular platform to reach as many customers as you can across all platforms.

So there is one better way for you to begin detecting the best suitable platform for your products, which is to assist with this 3rd party tool.


Therefore, all you need to do is simply watch how they behave. when they launch specials, when they release new products, how they set their prices in the market, and where they place more adverts on the platform. Actually, all of these have been estimated using a ton of traffic data. When there is a large demand for new products and the market is not as busy at the time when they are being promoted, a lot of money can flow in addition to dealing with the sale of the goods. All these competitors' actions you can learn deeply will make a great help in your store.

One Hour Social Network Analysis

You should ideally use the social network(s) that you are most comfortable with on a personal level because you will be more successful overall if you enjoy posting content and interacting with people there. The features that each social network has to offer and the kind of content you will need to produce to engage with audiences on that network are important considerations for the one-hour marketer.

One Hour Account Creation

Take an hour to create a social media account, profile, page, or group for your e-commerce store on the social network of your choice if you haven't already.Depending on the social network, this will typically involve entering a name, category, description, unique username (try to keep it the same across all social networks), photo, cover photo, and a few custom details. Great cover photos, social media posts, and advertisements can all be created using free tools like Canva by non-designers.

One Hour Social Media Maintenance

You should engage in the following fundamental social media activities for each social network you plan to use to boost sales for your online store, as appropriate.

  1. Post at least one or more new updates per day. This may be a photo, video, link to an article, link to a promotion, meme, etc. that you publicly post to your social media profile, page, group, or stories.

  2. Review and respond to comments and private messages to your social media profiles, pages, and groups.

Most importantly, anyone who discovers your online store via a social network will get to see your latest news and be pointed to your best products or content. These activities will help you connect with fans and customers on each specific network.

One Hour Ad Creation

You can create ads that show up in the news feeds of your target customers on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, which gives you the opportunity to reach new customers and re-engage existing ones. You need to create a small amount of ad copy and an image or video to go with it for each of these networks' straightforward ad designs. Another work you need to do is to spy some winning products on SimplyTrends.

By using this can easily identify the customer's surfing preferences and consuming tendencies through data comparison using the tool's real-time updates on advertising traffic statistics. The efficiency of advertising is aided by this more precise method of understanding the customer profile. Your increased store visits and purchases are a direct indication of how effective the advertisements were.

One Hour New Features

You will have more time to research new social networking features that could boost your sales as you get more accustomed to managing the essentials on each social network, such as connecting Facebook Messenger to your Shopify store. Plan to spend an hour learning how to use the new feature to market your company before incorporating the new strategies into your daily social media upkeep.

Email Marketing

Top email marketing services like Aweber, iContact, VerticalResponse, and GetResponse can easily be integrated into your Shopify store to collect the email addresses of website visitors and customers who make purchases into lists. Email marketing enables you to reach your fans and customers with personalized messaging in their email inbox. Then you can send tailored emails to your lists to advertise your newest goods, content, and other pertinent news.

One Hour Account Setup

Give yourself an hour to review the top email marketing services that work well with Shopify, sign up for an account, and set up your account details. Before you can integrate email marketing with your Shopify store, you must first set up your account details and your first email list.

One Hour Email Marketing Shopify Integration

Using the aforementioned apps, you will integrate your email marketing service with your Shopify store over the course of the following hour. For instance, you can collect emails from anyone who makes a purchase in your store as well as from anywhere on your website with a simple form.

Then, you can set up sophisticated segmentation rules to group your email subscribers according to their website activity, enabling you to send tailored messages to new customers, existing customers, and customers you are attempting to retain.

One Hour Email Marketing Content Creation

Use the newsletter from your favorite online retailer as an example when creating your own. You can start by sending a straightforward newsletter to everyone showcasing your most recent products, content, and other news, and once you start accumulating subscribers on your email list, you can start sending out regular email marketing messages.

With the help of your email marketing service's templates, you should be able to dedicate an hour each week to creating a fantastic newsletter and reviewing the analytics for your most recent newsletter engagement, including opens, click-throughs, and conversions via your email marketing service's analytics.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a strategy where you find people who are well-liked by your target customer base to promote your product.

Another method is to pay influencers in your niche who are already receiving compensation for sponsored reviews of products that are similar to yours to also write a review of your own. Networking with the influencers in your niche in the hopes of catching their attention naturally and ultimately piqueing their interest in speaking about your product can be a lengthy, organic process known as influencer marketing.

Here's how you can dedicate an hour a day to an influencer marketing strategy using either choice.

One Hour Influencer Discovery

Finding the appropriate influencers is the first step in influencer marketing; in your case, you'll want to look for people who have a large, engaged following that will be curious about the goods you sell. For instance, if your e-commerce business has a well-liked YouTube channel, you might want to increase your YouTube following by identifying influencers who promote the products you offer there.

One Hour Influencer Engagement

You should interact with influencers you think would be a good fit for an influencer marketing campaign by subscribing to their channels, commenting on their most recent videos, and commenting on their most recent Community posts. Furthermore, the influencer's followers—who are your potential customers—will be able to see your comments.

One Hour Influencer Outreach

Others might be content to promote your brand in exchange for a free sample of your product, while some influencers will demand sponsorship. After choosing the influencers you want to collaborate with for your influencer marketing campaign, you should email them to inquire about their relationship with brands.

One Hour Influencer Campaign Creation

The ideal influencer marketing campaign should eventually drive new customers to your social channel and to particular products on your website. Work with each influencer to create a promotion that their audience will adore. Because each influencer is unique, some may need more or less attention than others.

In Conclusion

As you can see, you can accomplish a lot in the world of marketing in an hour a day. The key is striking a balance - if it only takes you 15 minutes to update your social media accounts each day, and go through SimplyTrends daily, that leaves you with plenty of time to run you store and do a great job on marketing. In any case, keep in mind that every hour you spend on your online store's marketing will build your website's visibility in search and social media, resulting in more fans and ultimately sales. Alternatively, if you automate your social media, you have time for more content creation for your website and your email marketing sequences.

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