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How To Find and Track Your Competitors in SimplyTrends

Competitor tracking and analysis is essential for every ecommerce business. Know who you are truly competing with, and gather insights into their strategy and maximize your success with them.

This article will show you how to quickly find, track, and monitor your competitors in SimplyTrends, as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Discover Your Competitors in Your Way

SimplyTrends provides 2 ways to find your competitors, and you can find them in Shopify Store.



Enter the Shopify URL of a competitor, and you can find it directly.


Search competitors within your niche, or search for a category name.

Find Competitor

2. Track Your Competitors


Simply click on the Track button on the top right-hand corner, and we will keep track of your competitor’s real-time activity.

Track Competitor

3. Monitor Your Competitors

You can monitor all the tracked stores in Competitor Tracker, and get notified about their latest activities. SimplyTrends provides multiple activities for you to track, including but not limited to product, sales, Facebook ads, etc.


Timeline View

Scroll and observe a stream of competitors’ activities, while always find the latest activity on top. Use Timeline Customizer to customize timeline, and display activities you care most.


Dashboard View

View all tracked competitor’s activities in one place at once, and compare their performance of the same metric easily.


Simply Trends

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